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Valentines Day Thoughts

*is laying in her bed, staring at the ceiling*

Was it all a dream? did I really dance every dance with him?.... did... did her really say all those nice things to me?... Merlin, I CAN'T go out there now! what will everyone say? They'll never let me live this down! ... but I don't want to totally blow him off, because there's a side to Rigel that I don't completely understand that showed itself to me...

*turns over*

Ooooh... and Valentine's day is tomorrow.... what'll happen? should i do something for him?

*sits up quickly and shakes head*

Stop it, Blair... Stop it. You're freaking out over a MAN. You've never done this before, and you don't intend to start now. You're independant. You'll just go about your days normally as if this never happened. You will ignore Spica, you will deny all that the girls say... and... you'll HOPE to not die if you see Rigel in the halls.


I'm not very good at motivating myself...

*smiles as she lies back down and relives the last dance of the night... Rigel holding her close and telling her random things... all she could remember was the sound of his deep voice resonating in his chest where she rested her head....*
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