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*Blair is up before the sun*

I have never in my ENTIRE life been this jittery or nervous before. Honestly, what's the world coming to?

*forces herself to slowly get ready, doing her hair perfectly*


Now... now is the time to force away the nervousness... now... what shall I wear?

*Picks out a nice school skirt with a slightly tight Bohemian shirt with flaring sleeves. A silver necklace with a blue flower on it, and a dash of perfume*

There... not too fancy, not too casual... Blair, you were freaking out for nothing.

"Blair! There's... someone out there waiting for you!!! *giggles*"

*rolls her eyes*

"Okay. i'm coming."

They need to study more... they're waaay too into gossipping. i can almost hear it now...

*Steps out into the hallway after grabbing her small purse and observes Rigel pacing, then looking out a window, then pacing again.*

Wow... he looks great!... well... here it goes!

"Good morning, Rigel! i appreciate your punctuality... Lead on, sir!"

*gives him a pleasant and radiant smile*
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