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The Great Hall, Slytherin Table

Tom sat eating breakfast. Though he was alone as usual in the morning-- after all, it was early, and few students were up anyway-- he felt particularly lonely.

I can't believe I'm letting Rigel get to me. I'm more angry at him for what he's doing to the House than what he's doing to me . . . but I swear, if he tries to pull any of that blackmail on me, he will pay.

I was such a fool in first year for making friends with him. It was only because he talked to me, and was so nice to me, more so than the other Slytherins when I was first Sorted into the House. They all knew each other before me. Rigel was just an outsider, I suppose, already the bloodtraitor. Myself . . . I was just an ignorant child desperate for affection.

I should have paid attention to the colder Slytherin students. They would be so much easier to deal with now.

Rigel's flaws are going to drag me down, I just know it.</strike>

He glanced over at the other tables, where a few other students were settling down to eat.

Thankfully I've got prefect duty tonight in the corridor around the bathroom. That confounded Mudblood can't be suspicious when I'm pacing and have got a badge on.
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He sits down next to Tom, sighing.

"Alright, Tom. I'm going to be the nice one here."

He takes a deep breath.

"I'm sorry for not being more of a friend, even when I thought you let me down. I never should have done that....and I'm sorry I almost called out somthing that the rest of the house would have killed you on..."

Isn't it pathetic that blood has so much to do with everything? I wish - Well, if wishes were stars, there would be a sky full of them, and the earth would be full of them too....

He waits for a reply...
Tom raised his eyebrows cooly as Rigel sat, but he let him carry on. After all, he wasn't going to shun a minion so willingly returning.

Tom smiled. "So kind of you to reconsider, Rigel. I would not want to make enemies with you myself. I think we both can take measures to ensure that we are more careful of each others' . . . weaknesses."

He held out his hand to allow Rigel to shake it.
"You can cut all that polite shit out of the conversation, thank you."

Rigel shakes Tom's hand, then looks around to see Blair and her friend at the Ravenclaw table. He waves with a finger, so not to attract attention from the Slytherins, and she waves back. A grin breaks over his face. He looked back at Tom.

"Let's go meet them in the Entrance Hall. You can meet her, then decide whether I am...good enough for you...."
Tom glared at Rigel, withdrawing his hand as he shook it.

"You are the most uncouth pureblood I have met, Rigel," Tom smirked. "Honestly, do your parents know you swear like a sailor?"

He sighed and rolled his eyes angrily at Rigel's suggestion. "Fine. Fine. Do whatever you wish."
"My father is the one who shoots his mouth off more than a sailor, so blame the almight pure father..."

They stan up and walk towards the Hall, motioning to the girls to do the same.

"I still don't understand why blood is so important. After all, it only carries oxygon to the rest of our body. It's not like since we have magical parents that its a differant's still red..."
"Fine. Complacent pureblood family."

"It's not the BLOOD, you idiot. It's the bloodLINE. The genetics." He rolls his eyes. "Honestly."
"The way you go on, my friend, it matters if a pureblood dies, but it doesn't if someone else does."
"By that what do you mean?"
"I mean that if say, I was to die because of some random happening, people would be more upset about my death than say, a random muggleborn wizard."
"Naturally. You're going to grow up to have some important say in our world. It's your birthright, idiot, and that's why I'm trying to make you realize that, so you don't just waste all of your future power on silly things. You have such POTENTIAL, Rigel, and you don't even notice."
"Potential my ass. And, it isnt your JOB to make me realize anything. And you basicly answered my question. I will have importantance, whereas the random muggleborn has none. That is ridiculas. The Minister, also, is a pure wizard. No Muggle-born wizard ever has been. That is ridiculous."
"Why? Purebloods have a higher family background. They're raised that way. They're also genetically superior. I can prove this to you, Rigel. I've done the research."

"Besides, don't you WANT to be special?"
"Geneticly superior? HAH! Lookit what happened to the Groten family. Ten generations of Pureness, and TWO squibs! TWO. There isnt any genetic crap in it at all."

"No, I would like to be able to do what I wish, and to see whom I choose without the entire world looking over my shoulder"
"They were inbred. They married their COUSINS, Rigel--"

He stops. Crap . . . Rigel's family does that, too . . . ew . . . he's probably engaged to his second cousin or something . . . Spica's probably his aunt . . .

"So you'd prefer to be the unregulated lower class?"
"Lower class? LOWER class? They arn't as high up as we are because of their PARENTS??? It wasnt there fault they were born! And besides, if some wizards and witches hadnt married muggles, WE'D BE DEAD OR HAVE EXTRA ARMS OR SOMTHING. Keep that in mind, Tom. All the 'lower class' has to do is disapear, then suddenly, YOU are the lower class."

"Also, Remember that someone you know made the 'mistake', so you of all people should relize that there isnt a point to this idiotic idea of classes."
Tom simply watched Rigel erupt.

"Rigel, you are a disappointment to your entire social class. Your parents must fret about you late at night. I believe the term for you is a blood-traitor. Or a Communist. All of which are often stoned."

"Well-- are you going to speak to your mistress or not?" Tom quirked an eyebrown and gestured to Blair with a quick, sharp swivel of his head.
git... he's talking so loud that the whole hall can hear him. Well... i'm determined to be civil and hopefully stop Rigel from hitting Tom... he looks like wants to...

*walks angrily over to them, stands inbetween them*

"hello. I don't believe we've met yet. My name is Blair... the, ahm, Mistress... Now, I'm wondering..."

*speaks rapidly, but forced... dosn't let Tom interrupt*

"Why would I be classified as a mistress? Wouldn't that imply that Rigel is already married or taken? Why Tom!!! *cloud of sarcasm* You arn't jealous are you? Well... I would HOPE not."

*turns around and smiles up at Rigel... who looked rather attractive when he was livid*

"Hello, Rigel... how was your morning?"
Tom curled his lip as Blair, but did not speak.

He looked to Rigel and raised his eyebrows, as if to ask him, "This is the happy little woman?" with some degree of disapproval and mockery.
*mimicks his facial expression*

"I'm sorry... did I not make a good impression... I appologize... let me start again."

*she takes his hand and does a very elegant bow*

"Greetings. I am Blair Elderbar... You may call me Miss Elderbar. And your name, sir?"

He looks like he just sucked on a lemon rind... what an unpleasant person...
Tom's eyes flashed as she mocked him.

Insolent fool of a girl!

"I may call you 'Miss Elderbar'? I was not aware there was great privelege attached to meeting the, erm, mistress of my dear companion."

His hand tensed with her touch, and he felt a flush of red blood rush to his face.

"Names, you will find, my dear, are quite unncessary. Are you not familiar with the story of Romeo and Juliet?" he scoffed slightly in his throat. "All I shall have you know is that no glory shall ever be attached to the name I bear now."
"Stop being a git, Tom. You arn't being very polite; which, if I remember, is one of the things a 'pure' prides himself on. Would you be hinting at somthing?"

Rigel Glares at Tom, though his voice seems casual. He takes Blair's hand, and kisses it.

"How are you this morning, Blair? I hope you slept well."

Getting a nod from her, he went right on, "I had ment to introduce Tom to you thinking he may be a friend and be polite. You must know how I am slightly upset with this outcome. Let me appologize to you."

Rigel bows. On coming up he finnaly notices the other girl standing akwardly slightly behind Blair.

"Please excuse me for not inquiring about you, miss. Who is your friend, Blair?"
Robin coughs politly.

"My name is Robin Keaton." she has a musical voice with a slight scottish accent.

"I'm sorry that I have not properly introduced myself until now."

She holds out her hand for tom to shake.
Tom was skeptical of this girl, but he could not help but notice that she was extremely pretty-- and there was something enchanting about her voice. It reminded him of something.

"Good day, Miss Keaton," Tom said stiffly, raising his eyebrows. He was chilled, but not entirely vehemently cold-- which was good for him.
"Good day, Mr Riddle." She eyed him, then as if he passed a test, she went on, "I trust I find you well."

Her tone of vioce turned from musical to almost sarcastic. She cocked an eyebrow.
Tom was slightly shocked by this girl's cold reciprocation of his own cold reception, but he did not show this.

"You do," he said, still with very stilted tone and laconic manner. "And yourself?"


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