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The Hogwarts of the Past

Let Me Take You Back . . .

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Before Harry. Before the Marauders. Before even Voldemort . . .

WWII Britain: Threat of invasion by Germany is everyone's fear, Muggle and wizard. Though the Blitz does not strike Hogwarts, it may strike students' families. War, international policy, and an ironic parallel of racially-rooted dictatorship are all ever-present theme.

The wizarding world has its own problems to deal with. Pureblood tension is high, due in part to extreme rightest policy influenced by the popular-with-the-pureblood-families Dark wizard Grindlewald (anyone else see the irony?). Within the walls of Hogwarts, students are taking sides.

Setting: This RP is way back in the past, beyond even the Marauders: 1942, Tom Riddle's era. Armando Dippet is the Headmaster; Dumbledore only teaches transfiguration. Harry's future teachers are still students. Yet some things remain unchanged: the elitism of the purebloods, the competition of Houses, the eccentricity of the wizarding world, and the magic of Hogwarts.

POSTING: DIARY POSTS are done in your character journal, in first-person diary form. They can be any length and contain any thoughts or lists of the character. They are open to be read by all other characters, who may reply, unless maked under a "private"-labelled lj-tag.
ACTION POSTS are done in the community journal, in third-person narrative form ("Tom walked into the room . . . "). They may, however, include first-person thoughts, depicted in italics. Unless specified as "closed to ___ only," these are open to all other RPers. They should be titled with the setting. Moods and music for both diary and action posts should fit the situation, obviously; however, we will not dictate period music (I, for one, do not have an extensive knowledge of the British 1940s Top 40).
OUTSIDE RP may take place spontaneously. As some of our members may not have AIM or MSN service, we will not make chats or IM RP mandatory. However, by all means RP outside of the game. We'd like for you to provide a record of the rp (and in any form you like!) in the main community. If you delete the IM by accident, we understand, obviously, but we'd love to read it.
OUT OF CHARACTER (OOC) POSTS take place in the OOC community. This is a place for plotting. Let us know ahead of time what you're planning to do and if you want any other characters to play a certain role in it. Other characters should (and hopefully will) respond with affirmation, or even their own twists and suggestions! PLEASE ASK about any deaths or births (and we will plan with everyone the big things like the Chamber of Secrets being opened), and, to be safe, marriages and more unusual character couplings.

CANON: Stay with it, please. We assume if you are HP-hardcore enough to RP, especially in this era, that you have read all 5 books, plan to read the next two when they come out, and know what canon there is to know about your character. Please, please know about your character. Draw from who they become as an adult-- or what their children are like-- to put together something unique. As little is known, we will have to assume a lot; just work with the other characters. A really good idea would be to post questions-- or possible assumptions-- in the OOC journal. We will mention blatant canon breaches in the OOC journal if we think you're doing something wrong-- but we'll try to be nice about it, because who wants to be told off in an RP they joined of their own free will?

CONTENT: This is a 1940s wizarding boarding school. Along with pureblood politics and the outside war-- which we hope to play into-- there is going to be school drama, friendship drama, and relationship drama. Keep in mind that the characters are teenagers-- and if you aren't, please try to get into the mindset. Some are more mature than others, but not all are mature (please!). Sexual activity is allowed, with all its kinks and [un]conventions; just be realistic about what your character would be doing, based on age, personality, background, and, of course, the little canon we know. The same goes for slash and femmeslash: both are allowed, but be reasonable: not all of the characters are going to want to partake in that sort of thing (even if their players would like them to). Also, this is the '40s; we know it was going on, but people kept quiet about it. The occasional open couple is fine; a whole schoolfull is not. The teachers might start wondering what sort of psychological effects wizarding is wreaking upon people . . .

RULES: Use common sense. Don't come in here to insult someone, or Harry Potter. Just be polite and active; respond to people's posts and start RPs . . . don't always just wait for them to come to you. Even if they're a character you would never in a million years talk to . . . bump into them in the hall, start a fight, fall in love, anything. We ask that you try to update once a week, but, rather like the UN, we can only ask you and really can't think of any penalties yet. We'd rather avoid kicking people out rather unnecessarily.


Please be sure to fill out the template below and post it in your character's bio page! This allows us a little bit of insight as to how you intend to play a character, etc.




House and Year:

Quidditch Postion:
optional--if your character plays Quidditch. If they don't, you don't need this, unless you have a cleverly-phrased reason why you don't.

Fate: Also optional. You don't have to reveal anything you want secret. Some characters we know the fate of--Moaning Myrtle, Tom Riddle, etc. You don't need to be redundant.

After this has been done! Please join both this community as well as the OCC community (secret_occ), and post a short info page about yourself in the OCC community. The template is also below.

Your Name: (optional, if you like being anonymous)
Your Personal LJ (if any): (optional, if you like being anonymous)
Character You Are Applying For:
Character Journal Name:
(if you have one yet)
Brief Character Bio (personality, quirks, etc . . . ):
Quidditch Postion, If Requested:
Fate (who your character is the grandparent of, and what you predict-- or know to-- happen to them):
Sample Journal Entry:
(150 words . . . ish . . . please)

Your request to join the secret_chamber community will be mailed to the three mods. Since the mods are lifeless Internet addicts for the most part, you'll recieve a reply as soon as humanly possible.

CHARACTERS: This is a character list we compiled. We do allow non-canon characters, obviously, because we know so few of them-- and nearly none of those are Muggleborn.

S5 Tom Marvolo Riddle iamnottomriddle -prefect
G6 Minvera McGonagall _mcgonagall_m -prefect
H3 Myrtle Munddylow moaner_loaner
H3 Olive Hornby
G7 Alastor Moody madeyeo
G5 Poppy Pomfrey poppomfrey
S5 Rigel Black* (Sirius/Regulus's father) rigel_black
S4 Spica Nigellus* (Sirius/Regulus's mother) afainterscream
R3 Alphard Black* (Bellatrix/Andromeda/Narcissa's father)
S3 Elladora ___ (Bellatrix/Andromeda/Narcissa's mother)
S4 Araminta Meliflua*
R3 Bartemius Crouch* (Sr)
G3 Rubeus Hagrid rubeus_h_hagrid
H3 Cornelius Fudge*
S7 ___ Malfoy* (Lucius's father) -PENDING
S5 Rezel Malfoy* (Lucius's uncle) rezel_malfoy
S7 ___ ___* (Lucius's mother) - PENDING
S3 ___ Nott* (Thedore's grandfather)
S4 ___ Snape* (Severus's father)
S5 ___ Lestrange*(Rodolphus/Rabastan's father)
S6 ___ Rosier* (Evan's father)
S7 ___ Goyle* (Gregory's grandfather)
S7 ___ Crabbe* (Vincent's grandfather)
S3 ___ Avery*
S4 ___ Travers*
S5 ___ Jugson*
S4 Broderick "Brodie" Raben, a temporary Slytherin
boy until the community gets running...
((or so she thinks, muhaha-- *cough* sorry, does this schizophrenic multiple-mod thing confuse you all?)) chimura
R7 ___ Bones (Amelia/Edgar's father)
R5 Blair Elderbar blair_elderbar
H4 ___ Gudgeon (Davey/Gladys's father)
H4 ___ Macmillan* (Ernie's grandfather)
G5 ___ Potter (James's father)
R5 ___ Lupin (Remus's father)
H5 ___ Pettigrew (Peter's father)
G6 ___ Longbottom* (Frank's father; Neville's grandfather)
G6 ___ ___ (Frank's mother; Neville's grandmother)
G3 Enid Longbottom* (Neville's great-aunt)

Armando Dippet, Headmaster
Albus Dumbledore, Transfiguration dumbledore_prof
___ Binns, History of Magic

Grindlewald (German pureblood elitist and Dark wizard heavily involved and influential in British wizard politics)

Stars denote names that MUST be pureblood. Some names on the list are those of purebloods in Harry's generation, but we do not know whether or not their grandparents were-- they may be Muggleborns, the first in a line of purebloods. You may make them Muggle-born, halfblood, or pureblood-- just be sure to stay consistent with any siblings.

You're on your own with Muggle-borns and halfbloods on the father's side. You may make them one of the non-starred pureblood names-- as in the first in a future line of purebloods-- or completely create one of your own.

We don't know who had siblings and who didn't, so feel free to double up with family names to make families. Be sure to be in touch with the sibling character, though.

Most last names given are expected to contribute males-- future patriarchs-- of the family; they are fathers or grandfathers to some known canon characters. Hence, you must make up the full names of mothers. However, consider that all pureblood characters must stem from pureblooded mothers, so try switching up names for that (ie: Lucius Malfoy is the product of a male Malfoy and perhaps a sister of the future Lestrange or Rosier patriarch).

You may request a year or House change in the application if you have reason. We're open to it.

MODERATORS: For future reference, the moderators of this community are played by:

_mcgonagall_m/dumbledore_prof Policing Mod
iamnottomriddle/afainterscream Canon Mod
madeyeo/moaner_loaner Canon Mod

We're no big deal, really; we just make the final decisions about stuff and are the ones to listen to any complaints.

If you have an icon request, _mcgonagall_m is more than happy to make one. Please IM at BiblioHermione on AIM or hermioneg_2004@hotmail.com on MSN messenger. You can also e-mail her at escott01@saintmarys.edu (please don't email her hotmail account, she doesn't check it very often.). You may only ask for one at a time and it's first come, first serve basis.