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The Great Hall, Slytherin Table

Tom sat eating breakfast. Though he was alone as usual in the morning-- after all, it was early, and few students were up anyway-- he felt particularly lonely.

I can't believe I'm letting Rigel get to me. I'm more angry at him for what he's doing to the House than what he's doing to me . . . but I swear, if he tries to pull any of that blackmail on me, he will pay.

I was such a fool in first year for making friends with him. It was only because he talked to me, and was so nice to me, more so than the other Slytherins when I was first Sorted into the House. They all knew each other before me. Rigel was just an outsider, I suppose, already the bloodtraitor. Myself . . . I was just an ignorant child desperate for affection.

I should have paid attention to the colder Slytherin students. They would be so much easier to deal with now.

Rigel's flaws are going to drag me down, I just know it.</strike>

He glanced over at the other tables, where a few other students were settling down to eat.

Thankfully I've got prefect duty tonight in the corridor around the bathroom. That confounded Mudblood can't be suspicious when I'm pacing and have got a badge on.
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